Solved : Type Error Occurred When Creating Object in Magento 2

Ever faced an error in Magento 2 that states:

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Type Error Occurred When Creating Object
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Solution for Type Error Occurred When Creating Object in Magento 2

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For instance, I’ve passed four parameters in calling function and receive three arguments in a called function that means one argument is missing. It results in the error Type Error Occurred When Creating Object in Magento 2.
Pass the below commands in your store’s command line:
Something went wrong.
This error says something is wrong when creating an object. Generally, the reason for this error is when you’ve passed arguments from the calling method but not receive that arguments in the called function.
Check out the solution here:

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Sometimes, we’ve created that object, but because of the compilation issue, the object is not created in the generator. Generally, I’ve observed that many programmers tend to delete the whole generated folder to overcome this issue.
However, it’s risky to remove that folder every time which may lead to data loss. Therefore, I’ve come up to the solution of this error instead of removing that folder.

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