Using high-quality images is also a good idea for SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the higher ranked on the search results page, and more(…)More Details

“>SEO reasons, as product images can be indexed separately by a search engine in addition to product URLs.
Each web page should be simple to navigate and customers should not be getting lost or stuck on pages. This easy flow from page to a page increases the overall user experience and invites customers to come back and make purchases. Product descriptions should not be copy and pasted from elsewhere, but be written out individually with keywords to improve the search ranking. This extra step can make a lot of difference in who sees your product.
There are a lot of products available for sale online and from many different places. The key is to get your products seen by customers so that it can be easily purchased. This can be done by writing a unique product description for each product.

Keep The Homepage Simple

When it comes to design, you really want to keep things simple. Don’t overdo it with content, images, or information. Be precise and to the point, by keeping things as minimalistic as possible.

This overview provides the customer with details of their purchase and prevents mistakes or inaccuracies on the checkout page.

Easy Navigation Is Important

When a customer makes a purchase on your Magento stores they should be provided with a purchase summary. This page can include important information like product names, SKUs, payment details, shipping details, and product images.
Enable Filters and A Search Box - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX

Show Product Recommendations

Keep The Homepage Simple - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX

Enable Filters and A Search Box

All of the suggestions in this article to improve user experience are simple issues to address or change, and can massively improve a user’s experience with Magento stores.

Also, search bars enhance the aesthetics of your page. Almost all websites have a search bar these days, and most Magneto stores are found through search queries entered into search engines, to begin with.
Magento stores can have lots of different products, so it can be a good idea to feature product recommendations to customers. These product recommendations can increase upselling of certain products as well.
All of the content on your Magento store is important, but aesthetically, images are what draw people’s eyes. Using high-quality product images also adds credibility to your products and makes items stand out to customers.

Make Your Products Stand Out

Having a search box Is key for a website, as it is a simple way for a customer to search for a specific product. Customers who know what they want can easily find products with keywords.
There are many different ways to achieve a better user experience or ways to improve the experience that users can have on your Magento store. Some of these are simple fixes or aesthetic changes, to attract customers or highlight products and services for purchase.

All Images Should Be High Quality

All Images Should Be High Quality - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX

It doesn’t matter how pretty or informative your Magento store is if no one can navigate it or find any of your products. Your web page navigation and menu system should be incredibly user friendly.
When people can see proof that a product or service works, they are more inclined to purchase it for themselves, or even to leave their own review and help the product’s credibility.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

Magento is by far the most popular E-commerce platform being used today for many reasons. Magento provides an excellent User ExperienceUser experience (UX or UE) involves a person’s emotions about using a particular product, system or service. User experience highlights the experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction. User experience(…)More Details

“>user experience or UX, which attracts both people who want online stores and customers for those Magento stores.
All Images Should Be High Quality - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX

Offer Customer Testimonials

Also, using a third-party payment system like PayPal or Stripe takes the hassle away from managing payments through your Magento store, and these payment options are already setup to work with a click of a button.

With so many purchases being made online, it’s important that the payment process is as flawless as possible. There are dozens of payment gateways available for people to use online, and it’s important to accommodate these payment options.
 Offer Customer Testimonials - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX

Provide A Purchase Summary

Conclusion - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX
Conclusion - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX


By definition, UX is the interaction and experience that users have with a company’s products or services. So when a Magento store is designed well, a user will have a more positive experience on the website and buy your products or services.

Enable Filters and A Search Box - 9 Ways to Overhaul Magento Stores UX
User experience (UX) design is a key factor in Magento’s success because it does just that: creates an excellent user experience so that the user can easily navigate the Magento website and find what they need.