7 Upcoming ecommerce Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Experts suggest that as much as 50% of the web searches would be done through voice. Further, as many as 8 billion devices will have in-built voice assistants by the year 2023. Additionally, voice shopping can be increased by 40 billion by the year 2020.
Voice searches are Intuitive and offer a great way of performing quick searches and buy things on the go. However, the growth of voice searches calls for a change in conventional strategies. Voice assistants are the best choice for multitaskers, as these are hands-free and do not require a mouse and keyboard to operate. The mobile ecommerce and apps have a bright future as voice assistants are a great idea for increasing sales revenue.
Hosting on cloud with proper integrations enables ecommerce apps to cater to the changing needs, behavior and demands of the market, with simplified resource scaling according to traffic and seasonal spikes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality are rising trends and are two application development trends you cannot ignore. Both technologies offer endless benefits to ecommerce businesses because of higher engagement options.
IoT has benefited the m-commerce market by providing personalized data and in combination with machine learning, it enables you to determine customer behavior patterns significantly.
However, some of the consumers are still holding back because of security concerns. But undoubtedly, the increasing number of non-cash transactions all over the world is opening opportunities for new players to grab a piece of cake of digital payment market making it an upward app development trend.
Voice search enables customers to shop for desired products through verbal description of what they are actually searching for. With the emergence of voice search assistants, browsers are no longer the sole drivers of the online retail traffic.

Cloud Integration

Cryptocurrency is another emerging solution that is used for facilitating a growing chunk of ecommerce transactions. New payment modes and methods are easier to embed in a variety of ecommerce platforms and digital businesses are no longer restricted to the traditional method of payments.
This is just the start and you will notice AR/VR applications as one of the most important mobile app development trends of the 2021.
These are simple things that could make a significant difference. You could also integrate multichannel customer service because it’s easier and enables you to provide your customers with faster and better responses.
Customer experience has a far-reaching impact on sales, regardless of the nature of the business. But have you ever wondered – why ecommerce experience matters?
Voice assistants like Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa has become popular and have made significant impact as mobile application trends in the recent years.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Of course, in order to be a success in ecommerce industry, you need all the basics such as seamless navigation and other great and advanced features. Still, innovative mobile app trends are what make you stand out in the market and takes the user experience on a whole new level. Moreover, mobile app trends help you boost sales and improve customer loyalty. All across the globe, it’s possible to witness different mobile app trends in the market due to various regulations, on-going and recent technologies, and, last but not least, different consumer habits.
Every B2B buyer is also a consumer who is used to the best online purchasing experience. So, obviously, the customers expect their suppliers to offer the exact same level of service and selection.
These showrooms are suitable for businesses that sell furniture, clothing, or accessories. AR apps can definitely tear down barriers of buyer reluctance.Physical stores now offer virtual fitting solutions that allows customers to check out the look and feel of the dresses without actually wearing them.
One of the most important advantages of cloud is minimization of the costs associated with hosting. Since Cloud is among the fastest of the hosting options, the hosted apps deliver a great user experience.
The technology also helps in making ecommerce marketing strategy effective. According to the reports, the IoT devices are expected to increase over 70 billion by the year 2025. The technology is powerful and has a vast potential in online retail. Moreover, according to the reports, more than 85% of the healthcare organizations are IoT enabled and all set to extend its reinforcement by the year 2021 for better patient care.
The chatbots can instantly answer typical questions and AI powered chatbots can simulate conversation with the customers in a pretty natural way. These bots are often used to set up the first line of the customer service and answer some of the customer questions almost instantly.

Chatbots as Mobile Application Trends

The next app development trend I am going to mention is cloud. Cloud integration has simplified the way online retailers host their data and apps in the cloud.
Cloud-based architectures are disaster tolerant with built-in redundancy that could save businesses and organizations from data loss. Security is another important benefit as these integrations keep the data secured and easily accessible. In the coming years, the cloud-based platforms will continue to facilitate ecommerce businesses in offering customized user experience.
In my opinion, every business should be equipped with a mobile app because of the potential for immense growth and access to the target audience. The ecommerce landscape is constantly changing though, and if you want to be up to date and meet the ever-growing customer demands, you need to be aware of the changing mobile app trends because trends need to be capitalized in time for maximum profits.
The trend is clear – online retailers can’t even think of running their business anymore without a mobile application.

Internet of Things

The approach provides many advantages not only for mobile ecommerce but for mobile apps in general.
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Satisfying customers is the topmost priority of the chatbots, and hence, this trend is something you can’t skip. Additionally, according to the reports, the expected increase in global chatbot market would be around 50M. No wonder chatbots have their spot among the top application development trends.
This one is timeless and out of all the mobile app trends, this one is the most significant.

Voice Search

There are cases when small businesses cannot afford to leverage flashy mobile app trends like AR. In such cases, they need to focus on enhancing user experience in any way possible.
IoT has already made its mark by connecting the world and will continue to maintain the fame by transforming industries into productive vertices.
With the immense popularity of smartphone devices, online retailers are now investing in another emerging mobile app development trend – chatbots.
Chatbots have open up tremendous opportunities for ecommerce businesses.in particular, these bots are ideal for smoothing tedious tasks and maintain long term customer relationships.

Payment Options

All you need to remember is that consumers expect a hyper-personalized experience in form of personalized emails, newsletters, and product recommendations based on previous purchases.
A perfect mobile app has the capability to outreach a higher number of users and to turn them into potential buyers. For several years now, mobile apps are reshaping businesses and it’s an on-going trend, which is not going away anytime soon. According to the statistics, smartphone users alone in the US are over 250 million and surpass 3 billion all over the world.
In recent years, a number of new market players have been emerged to offer ecommerce niche solutions. Google Pay and Samsung Pay are great examples of digital wallets that are revolutionizing ecommerce.

Wrapping up

The fifth one on the list of app development trends is the internet of things (IoT).

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Through Augmented Reality, the digital elements come to life with the help of the smartphone camera. It fills in the most important gap in convincing visitors into buying from your store – it allows the visitors to see (or experience) the product before actually buying. Visitors can learn about the features and advantages through AR showrooms and can confirm if it’s right for them.