The Ultimate Colonial-Style Safari: Checking In to Royal Malewane

On this visit to South Africa I was eager to check out as many safari lodges as I could squeeze into my week-long itinerary in the Kruger and a visit to Royal Malewane was understandably high on my list. Royal Malewane has a reputation for being the most genuine colonial-style safari lodge, complete with vibrant prints, wooden ceilings, ancient artifacts and everything you could imagine to complete the safari style we’ve come to expect of a visit to the continent. Checking In to My African Villa Have you ever had one of those “pinch me” moments where you walk into your room and think you’ve been given the wrong keys? Me neither, ’til now! For my two night stay at Royal Malewane I was upgraded to the 2 bedroom villa, complete with an oversized living area, full kitchen (with a private chef – what!?), dining table for four, outdoor patio, pool, and private access to game drives. No matter the size of your room, each suite is luxuriously and intricately decorated in traditional colonial style, managing to transport you to another era entirely. I spent so much of my time in the villa walking around the various works of art […]

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March Reading List

Hello my loves and welcome back to another new reading list, this time for the month of March! I’ve got two topics on my mind this month: being my best self (I’m sure you’ve all seen my recent youtube video on the topic) and finally making a full attempt at eating vegan (yay!) Half of this month’s reading list I picked up in the Perth airport terminal while waiting 9 hours between flights, so suffice it to say that I’ve done my research and picked the best books for the month… here we go! 1. Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty I shouldn’t publicly admit to this, but I will: there’s a strong chance I stole this book from a hotel library collection… it was as if they were just begging for it by having all of these wonderful books there, with no signs to indicate otherwise. Consider it now mine. This book grabbed me in the title and I was absolutely convinced when I read the recommendation by Jojo Moyes. Truly Madly Guilty follows a narrative of lies and family drama and sounds like just the kind of escape from reality I need on a long-haul flight journey. 2. […]

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