The 5 Best Magento Hosting Companies Compared

Siteground offers their users a handy tool for Magento installation – Softaculous which allows to install Magento in just 1 click. This is especially helpful if you’re a new Magento use. In addition, they also provide free tutorials, application templates, and educational webinars on their website.

  • Hosting performance, including Load speed, uptime, and capability to handle concurrent requests.
  • Magento specialized tool
  • Support: Knowledge, speed, and reliability of support on hosting problems and common Magento problem
  • Pricing: Price/value, Cheap and Affordable Magento with decent power.

bluehost magento hosting performance test

5 best Magento hosting companies compared

Testing machine location: Washington
Pricing: Start at 3.95$/month

  • Latency test: We check how fast a Magento hosting is by checking time interval between user request and server response. We use locaping to test min and max latency from different locations around the world.
  • Load and Stress test: We check how strong and stable a Magento hosting is by constantly and steadily increasing the load on the hosting until it reaches the threshold limit. We use loadimpact to test how Magento hosting can handle an increasing number of concurrent users.

1. SiteGround

Bluehost Magento hosting starter plan starts at ,49, I recommend using this plan only if your store’s daily visitors < 1000. There’s no limited period for Moneyback, you can request refund at any time if you’re not satisfied with their service.
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How to install Magento?
How to check if my hosting meets Magento system requirement?
A2hosting also integrates Softaculous in Cpanel of their hosting, a great tool that allows installing Magento in just 1 click.
Maximum response time: 6.5s
nexcess magento hosting price
Maximum response time: 4.1s
*Read our tutorial: How to install Magento in 5 minutes using Softaculous

Magento hosting FAQ

Magento specialized tools:

  • Magento is an open source application used to a build fully-functioned e-commerce websites

a2hostingAverage Ping Speed: 80 ms

  • Previously, there are 3 versions of Magento 1.x, including Magento Go, Magento Enterprise, and Magento Community. You need to pay to use Magento Go, Magento Enterprise while Magento community is a free open source platform.
  • In Magento 2 there are community edition (free) and enterprise edition (paid)

What we don’t like from Nexcess:

  • Magento 1.x: Magento 1.x versions work only on Linux OS (x64 or x86) with Apache or Nginx Webserver. PHP 5.x and MYSQL 5.6 are required. memory limit  > 256mb. Read full system requirement for Magento 1.x
  • Magento 2.x: Magento 2 works only on Linux OS (X64 or X86), Apache 2.2 or 2.4  or Nginx 1.8. PHP 5.6 or later, MYSQL 5.6 or later. Magento 2.x requires ~2gb of ram to run upgrade task for extensions or application, so a server with >2gb ram is recommended for a stable Magento 2 performance. Read full system requirement for Magento 2

Support: Livechat + Ticket, Average response time: 1 hour

  • You can check if your Magento meets Magento system requirement using this tool. Upload this file and open it from your browser and you will see if your hosting meets Magento system requirement. The result will be like this

A2hosting also provides 3 server locations: The US, Europe (Amsterdam), Asia (Singapore). I tested 3 server locations and US server location returns best average ping results. There’s also a good thing that A2hosting will give you free HackScan Protection when you sign up for a hosting plan.
Minimum response time: 1.4s

  • This depends on your situation, there are 2 things should be considered before making your decision: Your budget and your demands.
  • If you are already using Magento 1 and your store is performing well, there’s no rush to upgrade to Magento 2, you should first explore Magento 2 and when your store is really outdated, plan for a big upgrade is a safety plan that could save you lots of time and budget.
  • If you are setting up a new Magento store, you should consider your budget for Magento 2 server, extensions and theme because almost all Magento 2’s applications are much more expensive than Magento 1.x, it’s likely 2 or 3 times higher.
  • Magento 1 has been released for a long time so almost all known bugs got a solution while Magento 2 are still fresh and there maybe some unexpected bugs that take times to solve.
  • Technical reference source about choosing Magento 1 or Magento 2: Magento 1 vs Magento 2 – should I stay or should I go? – by Inchoo,  Magento 1 vs Magento 2 performance comparison: speed test results – by Amasty, Magento 1 Vs Magento 2: Which one Fares Best as the Choice for your Multi Vendor Marketplace? – by Apptha

Last but not least, for Magento, I still recommend using a VPS Hosting instead of a shared hosting as a VPS can handle more task and we can install/integrate more useful addon to VPS. When choosing the best Magento Hosting or Magento 2 hosting to host a small/medium sized Magento store, I always try to find out which company offers customers the most value. In my opinion, there are 4 things that make up a best Magento hosting.

  • For extension, you can purchase from Magento marketplace or dev companies like Aheadworks, Amasty, Magestore
  • For theme, you can purchase from ThemeForest

– To enable SSH access, you will have to send a scan of your driver’s license to Bluehost, it will take up to 2 days. – The renewal fee is higher than registration fee.

  • Magento can run smoothly on shared hosting, however, when the number of products and visitors grows higher, you may need to move your website to a VPS or dedicated server for better performance

Support: Livechat + Ticket, Average response time: 1 hour Testing machine location: Washington

  • We recommend Nexcess, Simple server and Nimbushosting for UK websites.


  • Websites running on a hosting that located in their target market will have an advantage in SEO. For example, your website serves US customers, then using a hosting with US IP address will be a plus for your SEO effort.


Nexcess provide a free tool to install Magento Community in Control Panel of their hosting: Simple Scripts, you can install various CMS, including Magento. All Magento hosting packages are fully optimized for Magento, you can see full detail here.
Pricing: Start at 3.49$/month
Server location: US Min RTT: 26.337 mmsMax RTT: 252.477 mms

The 5 Best Magento Hosting Companies Compared
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