How to enable RSS Feeds in Magento 2

2. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > RSS Feeds.
After re-check to ensure all the information, click Save Config. to finish. Under the Wish List section, select Enable in Enable RSS to start a RSS feed link at the top of customers’ wish list page. You can also include the link from shared wish list to the checkbox.
1. Login to the back end of your Magento 2 store.
3. Explore the RSS Feeds section and enter all required information:
Under Catalog section:
enable rss feed magento 2
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That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you have any further questions, please let us know by commenting below.
RSS ( Really Simple Syndication/ RDF Site Summary) is an XML based data format used to make your data go published quickly to people who register to follow the products updates/ promotion campaign of your store. RSS feed support the transfer of information to the customer by automatically sending the emails to the subscribers.

  • Enable New Products to send notification of new products added.
  • Enable Special Products to send notification of products that have special pricing.
  • Enable Coupons/ Discounts to send notification of available coupons or discount.
  • Enable Top Level Category to send notification of changes of top level category, structure of your catalog.
  • Enable Customer Order Status to send notification of csutomers’ tracking ability by RSS feeds appearing on the order(s).

This tutorial will guide you through the process of enabling and managing the RSS Feeds in Magento 2.
Magento 2 RSS Feeds is supported by Feed Reader and Google Reader for free. The soft-wares allow all subscribers to follow headlines, blogs, podcasts and a vast number of other media. As enabling, the RSS feeds all information will be auto- send to subscribers for each feed. Link for RSS feeds is usually in the store footer section.

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