How to setup Countries Options in Magento 1.9

Countries Options
1. Login to the backend of your Magento store.
2. From the Admin dashboard, navigate to System > Configuration.
3. From the left-side menu, select General > General. Explore the Countries Options section.
That comes to the end of the Magento explorer tutorial. If you have any further questions, please comment below to let us know.
This tutorial for beginners will show you how to set the Countries Options in Magento store.

  • From the drop-down menu, select the Default Country where the products is shipped from.
  • In the Allow Countries, hold Ctrl and select any allowed countries to unhighlight and block them from the list since, by default, all the countries are highlighted and allowed.
  • In the section of Postal Code is Optional for the following Countries, select the suitable ones.
  • Click Save Config to finish.

As Magento store allows store owners to operate globally so that anyone with Internet connection can access the stores, it is crucial to control your countries options as shipment does not always reach every country in all over the world. Sometimes, store owners may have to clock some countries or select specific countries to operate only. In that case, postal code plays the key role.

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