How to Setup Multiple Stores in Magento 2

5. Select the parent Website of the new store. Use the default Main Website if there is only one.
2 store supports users with variable functionalities. One of them is Multiple stores allowing users to create numerous stores on just only one configuration. This means all your stores will share the same backend for effective and convenient administration although they have the different or same domain. 10. Explore Base URLs section:
This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up multiple stores in Magento 2.
1. In order to determine the store place, you have to select the store domain. For each store created, you have to place the store one level below the primary domain or set up a subdomain of your primary domain. You can also set up a different primary domain.
Store View to check new store added
Select the parent Website of the new store
Click Save Config. to complete.
Enter the Name of the new store.
Base URLs section
Click Ok if everything is fine.
3. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Settings > All Stores. Save Store
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8. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Web.

  • Assign Store from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter Name for store view.
  • Enter the Code for the store.
  • In Status, select Enable.
  • Enter the Sort Order to positioning the new store.
  • Click Save Store View to continue.

4. Click on the Create Store button.
In the section of Root Category, set the root category for the main menu of the store.
2. Login to the backend of your Magento 2.
That comes to the end of the tutorial. Please comment to let us know is you have any further questions on this topic.
6. Click Save Store to continue.
7. Click the Create Store View.

  • Clear the Use Website checkbox,
  • Change the Base URL
  • Open the Secure Base URLs as needed.

Store View information
9. Choose Store View to check new store added.

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