How to create Virtual Products in Magento 2

4. Explore the New Product working space, the first thing to do is Product Template selection. Click on the Product Details tab:

Virtual Products Magento
Click Save button to continue.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create virtual products in Magento 2.
3. Click on the Add Product orange button on the upper right corner and from the drop-down menu, select Virtual Product. 5. Also in the Product Details tab:
enter Product Details
Magento 2 allows users to release both physical and virtual products so that store owners can diversify their products list. Virtual products are non-tangible products and not physical by nature such as services, subscription, membership or warranty, etc.
2. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Product > Inventory > Catalog.
Similar to physical products, virtual products can be sold separately or as a part of grouped products or bundle products. You can imagine the process of virtual product creation is the same as other products except the fact that virtual products cannot be shipped.
6. After switching the Product Online to On to make it available on the store, click the Save button on the upper right corner and choose Save & Close.
In order to choose the product template, enter a name into the Search box and select the suitable one from the drop-down list.
Product Details tab
That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment below to let us know.
save Product

  • Enter the Name for the product.
  • Enter new SKU for the product or use the default one.
  • Enter the Price of the product.
  • Switch the Product Online to Off until it is ready.
  • Set Tax Class to None or taxable.
  • Click on the Camera title to add images or videos for the products.
  • Enter Quantity of the product.
  • Assign Category by type name into the Search box and select the suitable one from the Show List. You can click on Create Category to make a new one and enter Category Name as well as select Parent Category.
  • Write Description for the product if necessary.

Virtual Products
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7. From the Admin menu on the top of the page, select Customer View to review the product on the store and ensure everything is appropriate.
add Virtual Product

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