Create Color, Text or Image Swatches in Magento 2

6. From the Admin and Default Store View, enter the label for the color.

Magento 2 swatches
4. In order to add visual swatch, set Catalog Input Type for Store Owner.

4. Mark the Change box under Color attribute
text swatch
That comes to the end of the tutorial. If you have any further questions, please comment below to let us know.
Go to store > properties, in Catalog Input Type for Store Owner select Text Swatch
2. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Attributes > Product > Color Attribute.
2. Use Filter the list by Name or SKU to involve the applicable products only.

1. Swatches creation

Method 1: Color Swatch

You can use Edit mode to edit and update Color Attribute.
6. Click Save Attribute and flush the cache to finish.
5. Click Add Swatch and explore Manage Swatch to add a new definition of the list:
Specifically, colors can be indicated by visual swatch, text ones or drop down input menu. Swatches can also be used on the product pages, listings or layered navigation. The corresponding product will be synchronized to display as the color is chosen.
8. Set Enable to change the order in the top left Manage Swatch table and drag to the new position.
Color can also be determined by six hexadecimal value. Click on the Color Wheel button at the lower right corner to save the swatch.
5. Click on Save and don’t forget to flush the cache to finish.
4. Click on Add swatch under Manage Swatch:
1. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Products > Inventory > Catalog.
9. Click Save Attribute to complete.
2 swatches
Add Swatch
3. Set Actions control by clicking Update Attribute. Mark the checkbox of each product that you want to apply the swatches.
In order to serve high expectation of customers, Magento 2 supports you with 3 types of swatches: colors, Image, and text swatches.
Layered Navigation swatches

Method 2: Image Swatch

Layered Navigation swatches
hexadecimal value
A text based is similar to text label as the attribute values appear as text in case that the correspondent images are available for a swatch. As being in operation, any size that is unavailable will be crossed out.
Choose a color

2. Product Update

Filter the list by Name or SKU
text swatch magento 2
Click Upload a file to insert images from your computer.
Add swatch under Manage Swatch
This tutorial will show you how to add and configure swatches in Magento 2 store.
Click Choose a color to select one for the swatch menu:
Change box under Color
The swatch can be done by using the collection of the swatch images.
Layered Navigation swatches are provided as the layered navigation property is set on. Both text-based and layered navigation can be shown in a swatch.

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