How to Create new Admin user account in Magento 2

3. On the New Role page, enter the Name and enter your password to confirm.
4. Click on Role Resource to explore:

Step 1

Resource Access
In the column of Assigned, choose the Administrator option.
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1. Explore the User Role tab:
That comes to the end of our tutorial. Please feel free to comment below if you have any further questions about this topic.
From the drop-down menu, select Custom option for the Resource Access. Assign desired permissions of access for your new admin account.
2 configuration allows users to create admin users account to unlimited quantity with the different access levels from making the view and changes on store views or global data setting. The access permission for Admin user account can be completed easily on the Magento Administrator. This tutorial will guide you through the process of new admin user creation in Magento 2.

  • Enter the User Name.
  • Clarify the First Name, Last Name.
  • Identify a unique Email Address.
  • Enter Password and Password Confirmation. Ensure that the password is secured with both letters and numbers.
  • Select the language in the Interface Locale.
  • Change This Account is to Active mode.
  • Enter your own password in Current User Identity.

Step 2: Setting up User Role

User Role

Role Resource
2. To add New Roles, navigate to System > User Roles. Click Add New Role button.
2. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to System > All Users.
3. Click on the Add New User orange button on the upper right corner of the workspace.
1. Login to the backend of your Magento 2 store.
New Role page
5. Click on the Save Role orange button on the upper right corner to finish.
All Users
Click Save User to complete.
Add New Role
4. Explore the Account Information section:
Account Information

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