How to generate sitemap in Magento 2

CMS Pages Options
2. From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Configuration> Catalog.
The default URL to your Magento 2 website’s sitemap is:

Generate and config Sitemap

access configuration
Log in to Google webmaster tool and Add a sitemap at: Crawl > Sitemaps > ADD/TEST SITEMAP
This tutorial will show you how to generate Sitemap to your store in Magento 2 and how to submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tool.
Now you should submit your newly created sitemap to google to tell google about the structure of your website.
index status after submitting sitemap to google

That comes to the end of the tutorial. Please comment to let us know if you have any further concern about this topic.
In the section of Sitemap File Limits, choose the limit for Maximum No of URLs Per File and the Maximum File Size. Select Yes in the Enable Submission to Robots.txt section to add reference of your Sitemap:
A little different from the three above section, in Generation Setting, you have to choose to Enable the Sitemap and select time and date for it:
Click Save Config. to complete. Now you should see the generated sitemap URL here
The similar process is applied for CMS Pages Options:
A XML Sitemap, usually called Sitemap, is a list of pages on your website. Creating and submitting Sitemap allows Search Engines to know about all the pages in your website including their URLs. It tells the search engines about all the content your website has got so that search engines can serve the information up in the search result. Therefore it is considered to be crucial for SEO. The chart below can serve as typical example of Sitemap’s effectiveness:
In the Category Option and Products Option, you have to enter the frequency and priority for each entry.
1. Login to the back-end of your Magento 2 store.
config sitemap options
submit a sitemap to google
3. Explore the section of XML Sitemap

Submit sitemap to Google Webmaster tool

It takes time for Google to index all your URL in your submited sitemap
As can be seen, submitting the Sitemap helps to improve the traffic to your website dramatically. Magento 2 store offer users this configuration.
4. Enter all the required information

  • Submitted: the number of URLs included in the submitted sitemap
  • Indexed: the number of URLs was indexed by Google

XML Sitemap section magento 2
magento sitemap url

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