Starting your own Bakery: Building a Shop!

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You might have been wondering where I’ve been hiding the past few weeks and believe me when I say it has been one hell-uv-a crazy few weeks with the new shop opening! If you’re new to this space or just new to the news that I’ve opened a sweets store in my hometown, let me give you a little run down before we get down to business and show off the sparkly new store!

For the past four years I’ve been trotting around the globe, eating my way from one patisserie to another and seeing a few iconic monuments along the way (in that order of importance!) Among those years travelling I have seen and tasted so many great treats from around the world, that I wanted to bring these experiences back to my home town – Launceston, Tasmania.

For those wandering if I’ll keep travelling, I can assure you that will never stop for as long as I shall live! But for now I’ve taken the month of October off travels to kickstart this new venture and put my dream of owning a sweets store in to action!

Cupcakes at Charlie's Dessert House

Because I’m a blogger and love documenting my life here on World of Wanderlust, I’ve started a step-by-step series about opening your own bakery for any and all of my readers interested in following the journey! For the first read I wrote about creating the idea, which takes you through the steps I took in creating the idea behind Charlie’s Dessert House.

After the ideas phase became the time where I could finally put all of my design ideas in to reality and begin creating the store itself. I wanted to create a space that was unique to Charlie’s – with a touch of Parisian influence (okay, a lot!!!) and a strong focus on providing an overall experience for our guests.

Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House

To create a unique feel for Charlie’s, I decided to go for the opposite approach to most bakeries (pastel, girly) and go for a more neutral colour scheme – focusing on black, white and gold. To keep the space feeling light, fresh and inviting, I chose white floors, walls and ceiling and filled in all of the other elements with black + gold touches.

Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House

One of the most important aspects of the shop for me was the little details that made Charlie’s a little different. The gold French Bulldog tape dispenser might just be my favourite thing in the whole shop – ha! Everything from the cutlery, napkins and plates was thought about in great detail to bring that overall experience.

Starting your own bakery! Starting your own bakery! Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House

And then of course the sweets! Every day I arrive at the shop before 7:00am (depending on how late I finished the day before) to start baking cupcakes, cakes, macarons and everything in between! The front of our store features a pastry case full of sweet treats and the menu features breakfast + desserts all day and in to the evening — crazy times!

Starting your own Bakery | Charlie's Dessert House

Over to you! Have you ever had a dream to open a new bakery, sweets store or any new business!? What else would you like to learn about the journey as we go along!?

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!

Postcards from Italy and a Spring Giveaway!

Having been back at home for the past few weeks off travelling I’ve finally had the time to sift through holiday snaps and travel memories from this year thus far (fear not, I’m off to Canada very shortly!)

One of my favourite trips this year was a rapid ride around Italy with my boyfriend, visiting some of our favourite cities, small towns and of course eating everything Italian (gelato would be my other true love!)

To celebrate the new store opening of DFS in Venice, I’ve got one stellar giveaway for you this month in celebration of one of my favourite cities in the entire world and the one and only department store you’ll need to visit whilst there!

But before we get to the giveaway, here are a collection of my favourite Italian moments – this year and years past – from my favourite places around Italy!

Positano_Amalfi_Coast Le Sirenuse Positano Guide_to_Positano Le Sirenuse Positano | World of Wanderlust


Vespas, coastline, florals, colourful cliffs, limoncello, everything.



Guide to Lake Como Italy Guide to Lake Como Italy

Lake Como

Romance, ferries, villas, feet up, kick back.

Sorrento Italy Sunset Sorrento Italy Excelsior Vittoria Sorrento Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria Sorrento


Day trips to Capri, sea life, pizza in Naples for dinner, ocean views, effortlessness.

Guide_To_Tuscany Florence | World of Wanderlust florence


Statue of David, gardens, terracotta, gelato, food markets, cheese, so much cheese.

Venice venice venice creative holidays venice creative holidays


Gondolas and their singing gondoliers, winding alleyways, touristing with pride, views, water.

How to Enter

To win x1 pair of Karen Walker sunglasses all you gotta do is head over to my instagram, follow @dfsofficial and @worldwanderlust, then tag 3 of your fave travel buddies!

Check out the giveaway here!

WINNER: @chloebarnold

5 Restaurants Where Chefs Eat in New York City

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There was one question on my mind when I quizzed a chef in New York City: where do you go out to eat? As one of the best cities in the world (in my opinion THE best) to eat out, New York is full of great restaurants, markets, and even food trucks! So, where do the chefs go out to eat? Here are the top 5 picks, from a local himself!

Lure Fishbar New York City

Lure Fishbar

Open throughout the day from 11:30AM – 10:30PM (11:30PM on Fridays and Saturdays), Lure Fishbar is a very popular hangout for chefs around town. Expect a yachtlike interior, busy bar scene and, as the name suggests, seafood is the cuisine on offer!

142 Mercer St, New York

Image via Lure Fishbar

Contra New York


Perhaps the most unassuming of the bunch, Contra is an alternative option for something a little more low key. The tasting menu offers 5-courses of New American fare for a reasonably priced $55. Open for dinner only, the fixed-price menu is your only option but a darn good one at that.

138 Orchard St, New York

Image via Contra

Eleven Madison Park New York

Eleven Madison Park

For upscale American dining, you can’t go past Daniel Humm’s tasting menu selections on offer at Eleven Madison Park. Expensive and only open for dinner, this is one of those once in a life time situations reserved for special occasions.

Metropolitan Life North Building, 11 Madison Ave, New York

Image via Eleven Madison Park

Nomad in New York!

NoMad Restaurant

For fine dining European fare with a modern twist, you can’t go past the NoMad Restaurant – probably one of my favourite menus in the entire city! They’re open for lunch and dinners, but be sure to book in advance as it is also one of the most popular restaurants in town. Located in the Flat Iron District, there are plenty of alternatives in the area if you can’t book a table last minute.

1170 Broadway, New York

Image via the New Yorker

masa | New York


As the most expensive restaurant in America, you might better enjoy looking at the menu than actually eating it. The restaurant centres around sushi, which is quite comical given the cuisine is usually amongst the cheapest foods on offer around the world!

Time Warner Center 10 Columbus Circle, 4th Floor, New York

Image via New York CBS Local

Where Chefs Eat in New York


A paradox of sorts, Carbone is an Italian fine dining restaurant set in a nostalgic, retro space with glamour that could have only been inspired by the 20’s. The restaurant was created by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick and is frequented by Chefs, foodies, and A-listers in search of some of the best, rich, Italian food in town.

181 Thompson St, New York

Image via Vanishing New York

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!

French food by Region: What to eat Where

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When you think of French food you’d be forgiven for thinking surely all good food comes from France. If you ask me, it does. But simply saying “French food” when referring to the likes of fine pastries, quiche lorraine or brie cheese isn’t quite enough. Each food from France originates from a particular region of France, with each region extremely proud of their delicacy. It is such pride that ensures you get the best of each item in its’ region, even if you can find a quiche lorraine at almost every bakery in the country.

So, where should you go for the best of your favourite French food item? Read below for a complete list!

What I Ate in Paris | World of Wanderlust What-to-eat-in-Paris Hôtel Plaza Athénée Paris | World of Wanderlust

Île de France

Centring around the French capital, Paris, this area may be considered the epicentre of French culinary pursuits and especially if we narrow it down to just Paris! With great transport connections to the rest of France, almost all visitors to France pass through Paris (its kinda obligatory if you ask me!)

So, the best culinary delights to indulge in in the City of Lights? Think delicate pastries… and lots of them! Start off by trying a macaron, followed up by some brioche for good measure. See here for my favourite patisseries to visit in Paris.



With a seafront location, it comes at no surprise that the region of Normandy specialises in seafood. “Must try” dishes for seafood eaters include matelote (fish stewed in cider) and Moules à la crème Normande (mussels cooked in white wine, cider, garlic and cream). For the non seafood eaters (hello!), go for the Tarte Normande… delicious for sweet tooths!

Image: Igor Plotnikov / Shutterstock

Cheese Mongers


I’m sure it also comes as no surprise that the Champagne region of France is famous for, yes, you guessed it; Champagne. Be sure to pair your wine tasting with Brie de Meaux (cheese) for the ultimate pairing! This region is also famous for their sausage offerings – notably andouillette de Troyes (pork sausage) and boudin blanc (white sausage).

colours in france


Unsurprisingly, the region of Lorraine is best known for their famous quiche lorraine, which has made its way across the world. The quiche consists of pastry, filled with a centre of bacon, cheese and eggs. Vegetarians will rejoice in the numerous veggie alternatives on offer (so long as it has cheese, I’m there!) Another notable French favourite deriving from Lorraine is the Madeleine (a small cake with orange blossom).

Quick Guide to Strasbourg France | World of Wanderlust


The Alsace region is one of my favourite in all of France, not just because of the spectacular architecture but also the food! For some reason everything seems to taste better in Alsace (they’ve got a long history of world class pastry chefs), though if you’re looking for a regional speciality, I suggest you start with baeckeoffe or carpe frites. Located on the border to Germany, this region has a heavy German influence so you’ll find plenty of unique dishes (many are more heartier + heavier) that you won’t find elsewhere in France.

Aquitaine | Love to Escape


I’ve got two words for you: Foie gras. Being a vegetarian I can assure you that duck/goose liver really isn’t a dish that excites me, but I know plenty of meat eaters who jump at the opportunity to indulge at fancy French restaurants. This dish originates from the Aquitaine region and it is hands down their most famous dish.

Image: Love to Escape

limousin | France


There are a few dishes Limousin is renowned for, but none more exciting to me than a Paté de pomme de terre. This potato pie is a peasant’s dream: plenty of potatoes and plenty of butter. What more could you need!?

Image: About France



Did someone say Crêpes!? Although you’ll find eleventy-hundred crêpe stands all over Paris, the thin pancakes actually originate from Brittany. Sweet or savoury, hot or cold, these things are your ultimate lunch-on-the-go.


Loire Valley  

The Loire Valley, a day trip from Paris, is another of my favourite regions in France. Beautiful countryside, spring blooms, magical chateaus… I really don’t have a bad memory of this place. Except, of course, when I was offered a “vegetarian” quiche that was very much a tuna quiche. One bite into it and that thing came straight back out. The two dishes most famous here are andouillettes (sausage) and rillettes (paste made from braised pork fat). Neither excite me, but they might excite you!

countryside france


I don’t think there’s region of France I have not enjoyed, but definitely in my top three favourite experiences was my visit to Burgundy a few years back. One of my fondest memories was hiring a bicycle and (appallingly) navigating the French roads to arrive on the wine route, vineyard hopping from one town to another. Aside from the wine, escargot is a regional delicacy here, though my veggie preference was the delicious Gruyère Cheese Gougères. Oh – my – goodness. You will thank me later.



And then there’s Provence with its’ quince and aioli. Sure, there are many foods this region is famous for – but for lovers of sauces (and all things drowning in sauce), you can’t beat taste testing aioli in its’ motherland. For those who have been living under a rock, aioli is garlic mayonnaise, sent directly from the heavens above.

Over to you! Do you have any additions you would like to contribute!?

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!

Behind the Facade: Step Inside the Baccarat Hotel New York

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I’ve visited oodles of hotels over the past few years, but there are still many drop dead gorgeous get-me-in-the-door hotels I’m yet to step inside. When I stumbled upon these photos of the Baccarat Hotel in New York online, I knew I was on to something special. For all my fellow design lovers, I think this just might be the most glamorous hotel in all of NYC!

Baccarat_Hotel_New_York Baccarat_Hotel_New_York Baccarat_Hotel_New_York Baccarat_Hotel_New_York Baccarat_Hotel_New_York Baccarat_Hotel_New_York

Images by Hoon Kim & Erica Choi @ Egg Canvas

The hotel describes itself as “luxury in Manhattan”… a simple and heavily understated sentiment that rings true to the design of the hotel itself. Although a testament to modern glamour, the interior design of the hotel is simple, understated and nothing seems overdone or out of place.

So who is the mastermind(s) behind the project?

Interior design masters Tony Ingrao and Stephen Sills were in charge of the transformation of this heritage building, fitting out the 60 residences and Chevalier Restaurant with even the finest details in mind. My personal favourite is Stephen Sills’ work on the Chevalier Restaurant, as I have a soft spot for black and white interiors, given they have a transformative effect to take you back to the glamour days of Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemmingway (I still think I was born in the wrong era).

To transport back in time to the glamour days, step inside the Chevalier Restaurant or pull up a chair at the bar and taste your way through the cocktail menu. Oh – so – New York!

Cabin Goals: These Unreal Cabins will inspire your own

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After making the decision to spend a little more time at home this year, I’ve found myself craving new and exciting projects to take on. One such project could be described as the end goal (of life itself): build a cabin, hide away for a while, and write. Wouldn’t that be the life!?

As such, I’ve been doing some digging around the interwebs to source inspiration for my future cabin residence. Whether it happens this year or next (most likely the latter), I’ve got my heart set on building a cabin. I’m still unsure of the finer details (one room, two, A-frame, veggie garden???), but you’ll find a few hints below as I take you through my favourite Cabin Inspiration below!


Image by Nicety

If you’re looking at building a long-term cabin that also functions as your full time living quarters (rather than a vacation home), this kinda thing is as fancy as they come. With a deck and two stories, who says life can’t be a dream!?

Cabin Inspiration 1 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Timber Photo

This post was aptly captioned “Go because you want to. Because wanting to leave is enough”. Nuff said.

Cabin Inspiration | WOW Cabin Inspiration | WOW

Image by Adorable Home

“The Glass House”

Cabin Inspiration

Image by Adorable Home

Here’s a great example of a more “refined” cabin. If you’re after a more polished look, then this cabin is perfection!

Cabin Inspiration 9 | World of Wanderlust

Image by MyModernMet

How about an inspiring story from a couple who built their cabin for $500 out of repurposed windows!? This cabin is visually stunning, but also a great example of how much you can achieve with so little.

Cabin Inspiration 9 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Buzzfeed

Yikes! Talk about ultimate outdoor bath inspiration. The more you use your natural resources to your advantage, the more you save in terms of time & money – plus it adds to the serenity!

Cabin Inspiration 2 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Coutryliving

This South Carolina Lakeside cabin is living proof that every cabin is better when facing a lake! Although more on the fancy side, I really like what they’re done with the exterior by creating a homely outdoors area for those campfire evenings.

Cabin Inspiration 5 | World of Wanderlust

Cabin Inspiration 6 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Anthropologie

If you’re more in to the boho chic look, there’s a great range of bedding on offer at Anthropologie – though I think you could certainly find more affordable options and those fairy lights are an inexpensive way to jazz up and small space!

Treehouse by Foster Huntington Foster Huntington Treehouse

Images 1 2

You’ve probably seen his wonderful adventurous lifestyle on Instagram, and if not then be sure to check it, pronto! Foster Huntington is living the dream in his treehouse/skate park known as “Brotopia”!

Cabin Inspiration 7 | World of Wanderlust

Image by DecorExtra

Layers, layers, layers! The easiest styling tip for cosy beds and bedrooms.

Cabin Inspiration 8 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Apartment Therapy

The proof is in the pudding: a cute pooch amps up the cosy cabin vibes!

Cabin Inspiration 4 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Ralph Lauren

If your budget is more on the designer side (lucky you!), then you may want to take a look at the endless inspiration by Ralph Lauren homewares. Stunning!

Cabin porn book

For more cabin inspiration, I would highly recommend this fitting book, Cabin Porn. It is full of inspiration and great ideas with oodles of photos – just what you want on your coffee table!

Another great book I’ve recently bought is Hide and Seek, which is equally as good if you want even more inspiration!

Over to you – have you any plans to build (and retreat to) a cabin one day!?

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!