WOW Book Club: Paris For One

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I know I know, I’ve been super slack on book club lately, which has every part to do with being super slack on reading lately (which in turn is of course a lack of time for extracurriculars). But ask and you shall receive! The past few weeks I’ve been back on planes and in airports, giving me plenty of time to catch up reading given the amount of time I spend waiting (in lines, in airports, for my hotel room to be ready, the list goes on…)

SO I came across this little pocket of happiness on my way to Paris. The whole reason I picked it up was because the irony was too much to ignore, given I was about to board a plane bound for the city of light and would be visiting on my own. Thus we have arrived at another WOW BOOK CLUB!

Paris for one by Jojo Moyes

Paris for One by Jojo Moyes

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I’ve picked a lot of Paris-centric reads for this book club but that’s the beauty of having a personal travel blog – you get to pick the topics you love and well, it really is no secret that I luuuuurve Paris!

This book is a mix of stories, though focuses mostly on a girl’s trip to Paris with her boyfriend who never shows. Before even opening the pages I knew I was gonna love this one.

A few years ago I travelled to Europe with an ex boyfriend for 4 weeks and our final stop of the trip was to visit Paris. By the time we reached the city of love we were so not in love that a break up could be clearly viewed beyond the horizon (or more accurately, the minute we arrived home). This book really resonated with me because although I wasn’t alone on that trip, it felt like I was because I knew the end of the relationship was so near and it was difficult to enjoy such a romantic city with that in the back of my mind.

Years later I returned to Paris with my now boyfriend and was able to fall back in love with the city and share it with him – reigniting my love for the city and reminding me that we’ve gotta go through the bad ones to reach the good ones!

I loved this book and I know you will too. I can’t wait to chat about it in a few weeks!

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