WOW Book Club: Nine

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I’ll cut straight to the chase: it has been a loooooong break between book clubs and I’m sending a thousand sorrys from out here in Canada! The past few months have been crazy – starting a bakery, releasing my first published book, working on new campaigns and balancing my friendships + relationships back home…. it has been very busy to say the least! I’m now back on the road (part time – spending half my time living out of a suitcase and the other half at home) and have finally had a chance to breathe, let alone start reading again! It has not only been a while since I’ve picked up a good book, but a while since I have picked up a book at all, so I’m delighted to announce I stumbled across this little gem in a bookshop in Victoria, British Columbia, earlier this week.


The Only Street in Paris

This month’s read (surprise, surprise) is another escape in to my favourite city: Paris. I’ve chosen a few Paris-centric books already but this is a book I couldn’t put down within the first few pages and instantly I knew I was on to a winner here.

The book is written by Elaine Sciolino, the former Paris Bureau Chief of the New York Times, who within the first few pages of the book is quick to assert her migratory background. Her parents were immigrants from Sicily, a fact that she not only wears with pride but so happens to tell everyone she meets at her new address in Paris. But Paris is nothing new to Elaine and her American-lawyer-at-a-French-law-firm husband, for they have been living as expatriates for years already in Paris, just not in the right neighbourhood.

Elaine moves her family to rue des Martyrs in an attempt to uncover the real Paris – away from the tourist crowds, away from the fancy Left Bank, and deep in to the heart of nostalgic Paris.

For anyone who has visited Paris and had a glimpse at “the real Paris” on their travels or anyone who has lived in Paris to discover where these hidden pockets lie, then you will absolutely adore this book. For anyone who has visited Paris and was not convinced of the romanticism afforded to the city, I would also strongly encourage you to pick up this book and sink yourself in to the pages.

We’ll pick back up in early December to chat about the book + reveal the next WOW BOOK CLUB pick! If you have any suggestions for great travel reads, please leave them below!

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!