WOW Book Club: Five

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Given my current location at the time of choosing and writing this month’s book club selection, I couldn’t stop myself from picking another romance novel written in and centred around the French capital.

As an overt fan of Paris and all its intricacies, I often find myself day dreaming of what it must be like to pack up all my things and board a one-way flight to the city of lights. Earlier in the year many of you enjoyed Paris Letters, so I’m absolutely certain that if you enjoyed that, you will love this months selection.

Lunch in Paris

For those of you who did join for the January selection (Paris Letters), I can assure you Lunch in Paris is equally as entertaining and delightful to read, though with the added benefit of recipes and a whole lotta food talk. If you love Paris and love food, you will love this book.

I first read this book a while ago before I read Paris Letters and both draw many similarities but each with their own unique flair and take on the French capital.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this book and hope you enjoy reading another Parisian love story – I just can’t get enough!!!

xo Brooke