WOW Book Club: Eight

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Hey book clubbers!

First of all, I suck at deadlines. I should have had this post up on the first of August, but instead I’ve been dancing around the streets of Italy consuming too much gelato to know what day it is, let alone what date.

But the good news is I have a STELLAR book choice for you this month. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it is my favourite book I have read this year.

The Opposite of Loneliness

I’ll be honest from the get go (so you know what you’re getting in to): this book is bitter sweet. Marina Keegan was a young promising author (understatement) who tragically passed away at 22 years of age before seeing her work come to the pages of publishing. She had won many awards (unsurprising), had just graduated from Yale University, and had so much raw talent that it would be an injustice to her work not to pick up this book and give it a read.

Prior to picking up the book myself, I had seen the book cover on many book stands throughout the USA over the past year or so and still hadn’t taken the time to pick it up. Why? I couldn’t tell you. Perhaps the universe was saving it for when the time was right.

On this trip through Italy, I have been slowly working my way through the back (I would have read the book page to page in one sitting if the window views weren’t so incredible that I kept getting distracted!)

Although this book isn’t about travel as such, it is just so good that I knew it had to be this month’s book club pick.

I can’t wait to finish reading (probably on the way home from Italy) and see what you guys think of the August pick!

xo Brooke