The Only Street in Paris


This time of year has a way of creeping up on us and before you know it, you’ve spent a little longer than necessary to read a book as good as The Only Street in Paris by Elaine Sciolino. Luckily it hasn’t taken me nearly as long to snag another great read (announced tomorrow) for the summer, but for now I’d like to look back at the latest WOW Book Club read, which I’m sure you will agree was a pretty good pick!

Plaza Athanee Paris

The Only Street in Paris

Francophiles like myself won’t have had any trouble leisurely turning the pages of this real life encounter by a former Paris bureau chief for the New York Times. For starters I found this book an easy page turner due to the setting (if you’ve learnt anything by now in this book club, it would have to be that my love for France and all things French dictates my book shelf immensely!) I also loved the style of writing in this book as I felt I could drift alone the Rue des Martyrs with Elaine, popping in and out of artisan stores and discovering hidden gems behind closed doors (and locked gates) as she did.

If anything this book makes me incredibly envious of Elaine’s time in one of the few remaining treasures of Paris’ nostalgic past. What I would give to be in her shoes exploring the Rue des Martyrs with her! It gave me hope that the “old Paris” still lives on, even if Elaine discovered many ways in which the magic of Montmartre was dying a slow death of gentrification. I suppose it left me feeling hopeful that, hidden away from clear view, Paris is still as magical and ethereal as my imagination believes it to be – you’ve just got to be stubborn and persistent enough to go and find it.

Over to you!

Did this book make you feel nostalgic or wishing for a life on the Rue des Martyrs?

Do you believe the magic of Paris lives on, albeit behind closed doors and steel gates?

Is the fate of Paris doomed to the likes of gentrification and globalization or will “old Paris” live on?

Do you ever see yourself (like me!) living in Paris for a period of time?

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