Paris Photo Diary

Each year I make what has unintentionally become an annual pilgrimage to Paris. As if I need an annual ‘hit’ of the city that inspires me most, I conjure up any and every excuse to visit and spend months planning all the new eateries I will visit (which more often than not are patisseries). Below you will find snapshots of my week in Paris this month, where I pushed the boundaries of sweet tooth, burned my way through a pair of shoes from so much walking, and finally had the chance to visit the Gardens of Versailles, which were closed on my last visit in the unseasonal month of January. So, here we go! As per usual, you’ll find all my camera/lens details at the bottom of the post and commentary throughout should you wish to visit the same places. Enjoy! Old vs. New. It is no secret I visit Angelina on every trip to Paris, but on this trip I was excited to find new finds, especially if they were less talked about or written about in magazines. Au Petit Versailles was one such fab little find in Le Marais. The quiches made for a perfectly cheap breakfast each morning! Spring […]

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