My Country Kitchen Renovation: Before and After!

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quietly lately on the life updating front, but that comes with good reason in the form of an ongoing house renovation, new business venture, and keeping up with my bakery business all the while adventuring around the world at a current rate of one trip every month! Last month my partner and I finally made our kitchen renovation a reality, after talking about it and planning for nearly 12 months. Before I go any further, let me tell you now, you MUST SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE BEFORE PHOTOS because boy did we come a long way in just a few weeks!!! To make our renovation worth while, we knocked out a wall in the kitchen to open up the room and create an open living space. The end goal was to create a more welcoming entertaining space so that we could enjoy the kitchen/living area when entertaining our friends and family. For the colour scheme we wanted to keep our kitchen light, bright, simple and neutral. I’m not one for colours at the best of times, so we stuck to whites, creams, black hardware and created a bit of warmth with […]

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