Lunch in Paris

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For this month’s book club I gladly picked another book set in my favourite city on earth: Paris. I was back in Paris last month in April so I couldn’t help but to make another selection set in the French capital, however I promise you the June selection will offer some variation (though my love affair with Paris is unrelenting and will never end).

Lunch in Paris

Lunch in Paris Book Review

I loved this book for many reasons (and I promise those reasons extend beyond the book being set in Paris and involving food… though I will admit they are the two key factors).

Earlier in the year I introduced WOW Book Clubbers to Paris Letters, a story that I immediately resonated with because a) I love Paris as much as the author and b) I too quit my job to travel and see where it took me. That was three years ago and today I’m still globe trotting on a daily basis.

Lunch in Paris draws many similarities as well as a handful of differences, but it would serve no real purpose to compare the two because, well, I love both books. Personally I favour Paris Letters, perhaps because I find the writer more of a romantic like me and perhaps because she spends more time writing about all of Paris’ intricacies, not just centring the book around food.

But preferences aside, I really enjoyed Lunch in Paris for a lighthearted plane read. I liked it enough to be currently reading the follow up by Elizabeth Beard, titled “Picnic in Provence”.

Although I haven’t yet tried any of the recipes from the book, I am intrigued by a few of them. Being a vegetarian I can’t say I’ll be trying all of them as many are meat based, however I’ll definitely be giving a couple of the desserts a go!

So, over to you!

Questions for Discussion:

  1. I’ll cut straight to it – did you enjoy this book? I’m interested to know so that you can help shape future WOW Book Club selections!
  2. Did you relate better to the author of Lunch in Paris or Paris Letters? Why?

  3. Would you drop everything and move to a new city for a romance?

  4. Do books set in Paris further your romance with the city like they do for me!?

Lunch in Paris

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