Loft Goals: 12 City Lofts you’ll want to Escape to

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With all this new time on my hands (I’m currently undergoing an effort to travel less often and make each journey count more), I’ve found myself turning more and more to another love of mine: interior design. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you’ll know I love being in the kitchen and re-designing my home just as much as I love travel, but for the past few years I have prioritised my love for travel and adventure above everything.

So with my new effort to balance my life more (too much of anything is just that), I’ve been spending a lot of time researching new ideas to remodel out farm house. Thus I present to you Loft Goals: 12 city lofts you’ll want to escape to (or at least inspire a staycation in an AirBnB!)

Loft Goals | World of Wanderlust Loft Goals | World of Wanderlust

Images by Nicety

If there’s one thing I love about modern home design it is the move away from traditional ‘rooms’ and towards large, open plan living. Rather than blocking off each room with walls, you can instead choose to give each room a distinct character or its’ own personality, if you will. This all-neutral loft has a certain raw appeal that I really love.

Loft Inspiration

Image by Deco Crush

If it were all about windows… wait a second! It is all about windows! These huge, white windows allow for maximum sunlight all day long – something I won’t be able to achieve with this house makeover but can hopefully achieve down the track when we build our own (new) country cottage!


Image by Chiara Stella Home

Another great use of large, floor-ceiling windows but this time in black. Dark tones are often feared, but this is a fine example of ‘doing’ dark tones well. Remember to mix different textures to achieve depth and a certain type of warmth you won’t achieve by sticking to solid colours.

Loft Goals Loft Goals

Images by Trendland

The industrial look has been pretty popular for a while now and although its not for me (I prefer country styled homes), this loft would certainly appeal to many! The gold finishings give it a more refined look.

Loft_Goals Untitled design (10)

Images by Dust Jacket Attic

White bricks – eat your heart out!!! Located in beautiful Barcelona, this industrial style loft is about as dreamy as it gets. I absolutely adore the painted white bricks, which are matched by the painted white dining table. This is a great reminder to use and re-use what you have… just give it a make-over first!

Loft Inspiration Loft Inspiration

Images by Design Sponge

This loft is a little more on the masculine side with an admirable use of raw textures such as the exposed brick wall, aged wood and elsewhere painted brick wall.

Loft Inspiration Loft Goals

Images by Maison Creative

If you’re a fan of the old and faithful spiral staircase, this is more your kinda deal. Although I think I grew out of the phase around 15 years ago (although I would have killed for one as a kid), I do think it really suits this large, open loft space.

Loft Bedroom Inspiration | WOW Loft_Bedroom

Images by Stek Magazine

More on the feminine side, this is a playful use of pink/apricot tones without going overboard.

Loft living Loft living

Images by AnnStreetStudio

One phrase comes to mind with this loft – Home is where the heart is!

Danish Barn House

Images by Bo-Bedre

A fine example of darker tones mixed with neutrals and a splash of colour. Don’t be afraid to throw a little colour in there, though always remember to use sparingly and follow a colour palette for continuity!

Swedish Loft Swedish loft 2

Images by Entrance

Very much a current fad, this loft is the perfect example of how to achieve a refined finish with a black + white palette. This suits the more nordic styled furniture but if done well, looks a million bucks!

Loft Swing!

Image by The Design Chaser 

And this swing!?!? How could I not include this as the ultimate loft goals inspiration. Remember that the whole idea of creating is to create something you love, so don’t be afraid to let your inner child shine through!

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!