Is this the cutest town in Norway!? A Guide to Ålesund, Norway

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We arrived in the early hours of an Autumn morning to the gorgeous waterfront town of Ålesund, Norway. Immediately my eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning, as I examined the Art Nouveau architecture from afar and began mentally planning the order of business for the day. With exceptional city views, a gorgeous harbour atmosphere and endless charm, here is why Ålesund has got to be the prettiest town in Norway.

Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust

Introducing Ålesund, Norway!

Ålesund (pronounced au – le – sund) is surrounded by water, which unsurprisingly results in the town being a major fishing harbour. The city centre has a very unique Art Nouveau style, following a fire that passed through in the first years of the 20th century and resulted in the entire town being rebuilt to the then current architectural style. This unique mix of intriguing architecture and the dramatic landscape surrounded by water, this town has quickly become a traveller’s favourite for those visiting and touring Norway.

Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust

Things to Do in Ålesund

Although a small-ish sized town, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy for a full day exploring Ålesund. Begin with the incredible city views at first light or the end of the day for colourful skies, followed by street meandering, trinket shopping and should you have more time – a day excursion nearby.

Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust

Climb the 418 Steps to Fjellstua Viewpoint

If a picture tells a thousand words… then I’m sure you’re already convinced this is one of the best city views you could ever encounter! For sure my favourite part of visiting this town was to take a walk up the 418 steps that lead to Fjellstua viewing platform. The walk is entirely free and begins in the city centre itself, accessible from the town park (Byparken).

Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust

Visit the Art Nouveau Centre

As the 1904 fire destroyed nearly the entire city centre, Ålesund as we know it today is a modern architectural dream: full of Art Nouveau at every turn. The centre of town displays many beautiful colourful buildings in this architectural style and is well worth a visit for walking and admiring alone. There are daily walking tours for those looking to learn a little more about the city centre, the fire and the subsequent Art Nouveau re-birth of the city.

Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust

Walk Around the Harbour

As the town is fairly compact, it won’t be too long before you stumble upon the gorgeous harbour of Ålesund. Here you can walk around the water’s edge and admire the seaside culture and, if you’re lucky, lap up the summer sunshine! Nearby to this area you will also find may shops selling trinkets, souvenirs and mainstream shops are all within arm’s reach.

Aalesunds Museums is a great choice to escape the bad weather if you don’t happen to arrive in the city on an often rare day of sunshine!

Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust Guide to Alesund Norway | World of Wanderlust

Day Trips from Ålesund

Alnes Lighthouse – picturesque lighthouse a short drive away.

Sukkertoppen – “sugar top” hike.

Runde – bird island.

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