How to Make the Most of 2017!

Every year I like to wipe the slate clean and start again with new goals and an adjusted focus. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a New Year’s Resolution (besides, I’m about 12 days too late for that), however I do believe it is important to pause, reflect, and rebuild our goals – what better time to do that than the beginning of a new year? I truly believe all of us have more than one passion point in life, so this year I’m taking the time to put some of my projects aside to give rise to new ones + reinvigorate old passions I haven’t focused on for a while.So if you’re with me, here are 5 steps to make the most of 2017!

Identify your area of focus

The best way to identify where your current passion lies is to pin point what you have been spending most of your energy on over the past year or so. For me, that almost always spreads across a few fields of interests… and that’s okay too!

For the past few years I have been doing a lot of travelling and suffice it to say that in 2017 this will not be changing. For me, this is my greatest passion and the one thing that intrigues me most. Different places, cultures, foods, languages… you name it. Thus my biggest area of focus has been travel for the past few years and if I’m honest with myself about what makes me happiest, travel is still the answer.

But don’t be afraid to choose other passion points and pursue them too. Last year I opened a dessert shop in my hometown (which functions by itself with a full time pastry chef, full time manager and full team of minions), but this year I’d like to spend more time honing in on why I began the shop: my love of pastry. This year I’d like to spend more time refining my skills in the kitchen and continually learning from it.

This year I’d also like to focus on writing. I don’t know exactly what about or in which style, but I do have a burning desire to move abroad for an amount of time (Paris? New York?) and write about my experience.

Define your goals

The job is only half done if you identify what you would like to focus on without identifying how you will ensure you are successful in that area. After you have identified what you will focus on this year, take some time to refine your approach. For me:

Travel – visit new places as much as possible (if returning to an old place, try something drastically new).

In the kitchen – try new dishes and learn new skills. Plus learn loads of French along the way!

Writing – write something of substance that connects with people.

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Create a positive mantra

All you need is a few words – printed out or written on a piece of paper and stuck up somewhere in your bedroom or office. For me the mantra is always the same: “be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

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Make a bucket list

As a blogger I’m sure it doesn’t surprise any of you that I’m a lists kinda girl. A list for the supermarket, a list for my jobs for the days, lists and lists and lists of my favourite places… you name it, I’ve listed it. Here’s my “bucket list” for this year (which, as you’ll see, could do with a little refining…)

Go somewhere new (more like a few places!)

Learn a new language (I’m still struggling through French + Russian)

Live in a foreign city for at least 6 weeks (Paris or New York)

Learn new pastry skills (French pastries eat your heart out)

Grow a garden (underway)

Try more outdoor sports (and stop being a computer geek/vampire)

Write (I don’t care what about)

Check-in with yourself regularly

With your passions identified, goals set and a check-list ready to put in to action, don’t forget to take time to yourself, for yourself, to look back at how you are progressing. Ups and downs aside, so long as you continue to put one foot in front of the other, you will eventually move forward in the right direction. Own it!