Eat Pray Love Made me Do It

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If you joined us for book club this month you will already be aware this month’s selection was pretty special. As someone who jumped on the Eat Pray Love train a little late (I thought it sounded a little cliche at the outset), I’m so glad I finally took the plunge, even if I did so back-to-front by watching the film before reading the book. And then late last month I found myself perusing the airport book store, looking for a new WOW Book Club selection. I saw the title “Eat Pray Love” and almost overlooked it, though out of curiosity turned to see how or why the book was in the newcomers section, later realising it was a new book title Eat Pray Love made me do it. And thus we have this month’s book selection!

Eat Pray Love Made me Do It Book Review

Book Review: Eat Pray Love Made me Do It

As someone who thrives off reading other’s stories to success and overcoming hurdles in life, this book was an absolute stand out for me. I love reading through the selection of nearly fifty real life stories that were related to the book and how it changed each reader-turned-writer’s lives.

Rather than relating with a particular story or writer’s words, I found myself identifying small pieces from a handful of stories that I could relate to – not wanting to read past the romance of Italy like Victoria Russell, being given the book as a gift like Mallory Kotzman, not feeling adventurous “enough” like Laurna Stirkwerda… so many of the stories, so many of the anecdotes, so many of the revelations in this book I could completely and directly relate to.

And though while I found myself relating to each writer in a small way (and some not at all), I didn’t find my own story written in the pages, as I’m sure many of you didn’t as we are all on our own journey, whether or not Eat Pray Love made you do it or not.

For me, I wouldn’t say Eat Pray Love made me do anything, as I watched the film and subsequently watched the book much later than most, when I was already travelling quite frequently and had decided that life in other countries, cultures and among other people was the life for me (or at least, at the time and certainly over the past few year).

But I do know that Eat Pray Love gave me some sort of realization and perhaps even a resolution, though it wasn’t to venture off and travel the world, seeking love and answers to life’s bigger questions. Instead, reading Eat Pray Love amidst my travelling lifestyle, I found an answer I had been seeking for a while now: would there be an end to this desire to be restless?

For a long while I have wondered if the magic would rub off, if living out of a suitcase would lose its romanticism and if I would ever want to settle down to some extent, if any? Reading this book made me realise that there needn’t be an end to life as it were, but that there would be a new chapter. A new chapter that would still involve travelling frequently, but perhaps not needing to be away all of the time.

This year I’m trying to balance my lifestyle a little more, spending some time at home with those I love and still at least half of my time on the road (I just love exploring too much to stop any time soon!) But EPL did make me realise that my restlessness would (or perhaps more accurately could) end if and when I wanted it to. Thus I’m looking forward to a little more responsibility this year by balancing life, work, and travel all at once.

Questions for Discussion

  1. What story from the book did you relate to most and why? If you didn’t relate to a story from this book, did you relate better to the original book?
  2. Do you believe travel is what changed Liz Gilbert’s life or the act of freeing herself from commitments she wasn’t totally committed to?
  3. What did the original book, Eat Pray Love, make YOU do? I’d love to see you share your story!

Much love & hope to see you all again next month for the WOW Book Club July selection! xo

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!