Christmas at Home in Australia

There’s a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while now but have been struggling to find the time or occasion. Over the past four years of blogging on World of Wanderlust, I have been flying in and out of cities on whirlwind adventures, escaping to the countryside when needed and in airports or on planes every other day. The reality of my blogging life is very similar to what is you see online, but is also starkly different at the same time.

Christmas at home in Australia | World of Wanderlust

Christmas at Home in Australia

The reality of blogging (especially travel blogging!!!) is that you’re away more than you are at home. For 12 months I didn’t see my family or friends and for someone who is very family orientated, that was a bit of a personal accomplishment at the time. This year I’ve been on and off with travels, saying yes to new destinations that excite me and slowly working my way through an endless bucket list of experiences I wish to enjoy in my 20’s. After a few years of virtual non-stop travels, this year has been a little different in that I have began to split my time equally between time abroad and time at home with my partner inside our little farm house on the hill.

Christmas at home in Australia | World of Wanderlust

Despite so many adventures over the past few years, one date I have never missed out on being home for is Christmas. To me Christmas is all about family time – planning to sleep in, waking early to open presents nonetheless, a labour of love in the kitchen and a long lunch outdoors with all of the Christmas trimmings – bon bons, wine, bad jokes and plenty of reminiscing. This was my first year hosting Christmas with my family (so grown up!!!), so I wanted to capture the day on the blog as it feels like a small milestone of sorts!

Christmas at home in Australia | World of Wanderlust

Putting Down Roots

Earlier this year I opened a dessert shop in my home town of Launceston (the second largest city on the island of Tasmania, Australia). The decision was an easy one and also very difficult at the same time. It was the first time in four years that I had put down roots and made a commitment of any kind, especially one of such a big nature. I’m often asked why I travel so much and if I’m completely honest I don’t have a set answer for you beyond it being what I love, crave, and what makes me feel alive.

Making such a commitment in one place was equal parts exciting and terrifying. I didn’t really know if it was what I wanted to do, should do, or why I felt so strongly about just going for it anyway… but looking back a few months later I’m incredibly glad I did.

As much as I have put down roots (decorating a new/old home in Tasmania, opening a dessert house, getting the world’s cutest Border Collie puppy), I’m still eager to keep the adventures alive in 2017 and long beyond that. Suffice it to say that my explorations will not take a back seat, nor do I believe will I ever “stop” living an adventurous lifestyle – be that abroad, around Australia, or in my own backyard.

Adventures in 2017

So where does that leave me? Nowhere new. I’m still back at that same place I have been since I first stepped on a long-haul flight at age thirteen – just as curious and excited to keep travelling!

So far I can only share a few of my first destinations of 2017 – including Tahiti, Thailand, more of Tasmania and a return trip to New Zealand.

Goal destinations for 2017 include: Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar, Cuba, Jamaica, Alaska, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Nepal, India, Myanmar & more of Russia.

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