Cabin Goals: These Unreal Cabins will inspire your own

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After making the decision to spend a little more time at home this year, I’ve found myself craving new and exciting projects to take on. One such project could be described as the end goal (of life itself): build a cabin, hide away for a while, and write. Wouldn’t that be the life!?

As such, I’ve been doing some digging around the interwebs to source inspiration for my future cabin residence. Whether it happens this year or next (most likely the latter), I’ve got my heart set on building a cabin. I’m still unsure of the finer details (one room, two, A-frame, veggie garden???), but you’ll find a few hints below as I take you through my favourite Cabin Inspiration below!


Image by Nicety

If you’re looking at building a long-term cabin that also functions as your full time living quarters (rather than a vacation home), this kinda thing is as fancy as they come. With a deck and two stories, who says life can’t be a dream!?

Cabin Inspiration 1 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Timber Photo

This post was aptly captioned “Go because you want to. Because wanting to leave is enough”. Nuff said.

Cabin Inspiration | WOW Cabin Inspiration | WOW

Image by Adorable Home

“The Glass House”

Cabin Inspiration

Image by Adorable Home

Here’s a great example of a more “refined” cabin. If you’re after a more polished look, then this cabin is perfection!

Cabin Inspiration 9 | World of Wanderlust

Image by MyModernMet

How about an inspiring story from a couple who built their cabin for $500 out of repurposed windows!? This cabin is visually stunning, but also a great example of how much you can achieve with so little.

Cabin Inspiration 9 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Buzzfeed

Yikes! Talk about ultimate outdoor bath inspiration. The more you use your natural resources to your advantage, the more you save in terms of time & money – plus it adds to the serenity!

Cabin Inspiration 2 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Coutryliving

This South Carolina Lakeside cabin is living proof that every cabin is better when facing a lake! Although more on the fancy side, I really like what they’re done with the exterior by creating a homely outdoors area for those campfire evenings.

Cabin Inspiration 5 | World of Wanderlust

Cabin Inspiration 6 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Anthropologie

If you’re more in to the boho chic look, there’s a great range of bedding on offer at Anthropologie – though I think you could certainly find more affordable options and those fairy lights are an inexpensive way to jazz up and small space!

Treehouse by Foster Huntington Foster Huntington Treehouse

Images 1 2

You’ve probably seen his wonderful adventurous lifestyle on Instagram, and if not then be sure to check it, pronto! Foster Huntington is living the dream in his treehouse/skate park known as “Brotopia”!

Cabin Inspiration 7 | World of Wanderlust

Image by DecorExtra

Layers, layers, layers! The easiest styling tip for cosy beds and bedrooms.

Cabin Inspiration 8 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Apartment Therapy

The proof is in the pudding: a cute pooch amps up the cosy cabin vibes!

Cabin Inspiration 4 | World of Wanderlust

Image by Ralph Lauren

If your budget is more on the designer side (lucky you!), then you may want to take a look at the endless inspiration by Ralph Lauren homewares. Stunning!

Cabin porn book

For more cabin inspiration, I would highly recommend this fitting book, Cabin Porn. It is full of inspiration and great ideas with oodles of photos – just what you want on your coffee table!

Another great book I’ve recently bought is Hide and Seek, which is equally as good if you want even more inspiration!

Over to you – have you any plans to build (and retreat to) a cabin one day!?

Brooke Saward

Brooke founded World of Wanderlust as a place to share inspiration from her travels and to inspire others to see our world. She now divides her time between adventures abroad and adventures in the kitchen!