101 Cities to Visit Before you Die (PART ONE)

Out of all the places I have been in the world as a full time travel blogger, “where is your favourite place?” is a question I have never been able to answer definitively. Thus I present to you my series of “101 Places to Visit Before you Die”, covering the very best cities, towns, hotels, experiences, and everything travel related to make your bucket list complete. The first in this series highlights the absolute best cities to visit before you die, from the clich├ęs through to the best kept secrets this world has to offer! 1. St Petersburg, Russia The history and sheer opulence of Russia’s imperial capital will leave you speechless. Made great by Peter the Great himself, St Petersburg was the beating heart of Russia un till 1918, when the government bodies moved to Moscow. To this day the city presents itself as a time capsule, showing insight into Russia’s imperial past – complete with palaces, nobility residences and iconic monuments. Be sure to step inside the Hermitage Museum (pictured) for a glimpse in to the legacy of Russian royalty and aristocratic culture. 2. New York, USA A world in itself, there is no city in the world […]

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